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Telemonitor, Inc.
Internet-Based Monitoring and Control

Our Mission

Telemonitor, Inc. brings peace of mind to absentee owners through value-added, easy to use, remote monitoring and control.

Our Technology

Telemonitor specializes in remote monitoring and control of equipment and property over the Internet. By applying our expertise in sensors and drawing on our background in low power, rugged military applications, Telemonitor has harnessed the efficiency and power of the Internet to bring remote access to isolated assets.

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Our products improve the quality of information gathered from sensors, and allow for efficient and reliable transmission of the information. This results in more flexible installations and lower transmission costs. Our products are in three primary areas:

  1. Smart sensors and smart sensor interfaces.

  2. Embedded web servers for transducers and instruments.

  3. Smart remote monitoring systerm and method.

Our CogniSense technology allows us to install digital smart sensor networks which are programmable and self-identifying. Our transducer control modules connect through wire, wireless, or satellite links to the Internet. Our data center application software monitors the sensors for identified reportable events, prepares messages, and organizes information into useful reports for end users.

For special applications, we develop and build small, rugged, cost-effective embedded systems, primarily to add intelligence and communications to analog sensors. Please see our Development Services page for more information on our partners and the types of systems which we develop.

Small, self-contained web servers are used for connecting industrial and commercial equipment to the Internet or corporate Intranet. These servers are embedded in (built into) a smart transducer, network interface, or instrument using open-standard web technology where appropriate in a way that is virtually transparent to the user. The remote user interface is entirely based on a standard browser with no proprietary client-side software required. These web-enabled devices currently use the NetSilicon hardware platform that has been extended to include security (password-protected user accounts with page-by-page access control), a flash file system, user-developed web pages loaded over the network via FTP, dynamic display of data in web pages by server-parsed HTML (server-side includes), and more. These sensor and instrument-oriented web server functions are being ported to other embedded hardware platforms and operating systems.

The Telemonitor smart remote monitoring system is based on the principal of making remote monitoring "as easy as you thought it should be." This is accomplished by using a local network of plug-and-play, self-identifying smart sensors; a local transducer control module that identifies events and reports them through a wired, wireless, or satellite link; and a data center that monitors the transducer reports for reportable alarms, tracks trends, prepares messages, and organizes information into useful reports for end users. Alarms can be reported to users using telephone, facsimile, email or other forms of electronic communications.

Our SmartBoats web site is a simple demonstration of a web-based remote monitoring application.

The Result?

Peace of mind for absentee owners.

End users can interact with their monitored system from anywhere in the world without the need for special equipment, communications facilities, or software. The system provides real-time, on-demand status information, not just alarm notification. If an event occurs, or if a trend develops which may lead to an event, the user is notified so the condition can be corrected before it magnifies.

Contact Information

For more information about Telemonitor, Inc. or SmartBoats, please contact:

Robert N. Johnson
Telemonitor, Inc.
9055F Guilford Road
Columbia, MD 21046
410-312-6653 (fax)

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